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  • Chihayafuru - Season 1+2 Box!

    Chihayafuru - 06 - Large 24Here is it: the collected Chihayafuru series in a handy slipcase! Two seasons spanning 8 discs of high energy karuta all for a special price. Pre-order here. If you already own both season and only need the box, fear not: we will have the slipcase available to order as soon as they arriv, so hang tight and watch this space for details.

  • Oz Anime history ahoy...

    geelong feb 9 1976 - Karate Baka IchidaiIt was February 9, 1976. Karate lessons were advertised in the Geelong Advertiser at the International School of Self Defense, then located at 48 Little Ryrie Street. Along with a list of products on sale (nunchaku, anyone?), the eye-catching graphic here is key art from the Karate baka Ichidai TV series! Another very early and lost example of anime culture infiltrating Australia, no doubt influenced by the popularity of the Samurai TV series in the 60's and 70's.

  • Durarara!! x2!! Pre-orders!!

    Finally listed for pre-order! Part 1 of Durarara!! x2 on DVD and Blu-ray.

    Hot contender for sequel of the year, x2 will be in stores this March, but available to our mail-order customers late this month when stock arrives. Contains episodes 1 to 12!DRMVR2_fix見本