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Latest News

  • Announcement time! Siren Visual is very pleased to announce that in 2015 we will be releasing the classic series Nodame Cantabile. Set in a college music conservatory, Nodame Cantabile tells the story of a prodigious yet neurotic classical music composer named Chiaki. Hailed as the next big classical music conductor, he remains trapped in Japan due to a lifelong fear of air travel. Enter Nodame, a talented pianist who immediately falls in love with Chiaki and shows him there's more to life than musical notation.
  • The original 1986 adaptation of Thomas Harris' Red Dragon will finally hit Australian shelves on Blu-ray this December courtesy of Siren Visual. From director Michael Mann (The Keep, Heat, The Insider) comes a twisted thriller about a former FBI agent dragged from retirement to track the movements of an elusive serial killer known as the Tooth Fairy. In order to get a rounded profile, Agent Will Graham meets with imprisoned criminal genius Hannibal Lecter, dangerous even behind bars. Things get creepy and the intensity of this piece is unbeatable.
  • Siren Visual is very excited to announce that we'll be releasing the very first English language Blu-ray edition of the 1995 anime masterpiece MEMORIES. Not familiar? Well, this is classic sci-fi anime presented by the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Steamboy) and consisting of 3 short stories by 3 directors - Koji Morimoto (whose work you may have sampled on our Genius Party releases), then young-gun Tensai Okamura (who went on to direct Darker Than Black, Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist) and of course, Otomo himself. On top of this, Satoshi Kon (he of Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika and Perfect Blue) penned the screenplay. Need any further evidence of the high caliber we're playing with here?