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  • Durarara!! x2!! Pre-orders!!

    Finally listed for pre-order! Part 1 of Durarara!! x2 on DVD and Blu-ray.

    Hot contender for sequel of the year, x2 will be in stores this March, but available to our mail-order customers late this month when stock arrives. Contains episodes 1 to 12!DRMVR2_fix見本


    It's finally happening: Satoshi Kon's breakthrough classic, Perfect Blue, is coming to Blu-ray for Australian fans. This is the definitive transfer of this beautifully animated anime cult hit, with the same extras from our previous DVD edition as well as a couple of exclusive items only availabel on this disc. perfectblue_inner_bd_draftAvailable April! Pre-order here


    At least for now! These things will come and go very, very fast....

    The complete series of Naoki Urasawa's masterpiece over 15 discs. English and Japanese audio options, English subtitles. This is the only official English-language version available worldwide and we are pleased to present this brilliant series to fans who have been waiting for almost ten years.

    Order here!