12 Oct 2010

    October stock has arrived at our warehouse! If you pre-ordered Canaan, Blassreiter Part 2 (Eigo Edition) or The Samurai: Puppet Ninja; we'll be sending these out to you very soon! One lucky Canaan fan will also receive a cool hardcover production book (we only got one of these babies and no, we can't get any more!) and inside the first 1000 copies is a card telling you how to win a PVC Canaan figure. We've got one set up here at the office and she's poised deadly with pistol drawn! If you're having trouble finding our anime range; drop into JB Hifi, Sanity or Gametraders...and if they ain't got it, tell 'em to get it in from Gryphon Entertainment!


    08 Oct 2010

    Melbourne people! This Saturday October 9 at the Forum Theatre, The Boredoms will unleash their sonic majesty on Australia for the first time in over 12 years.

    When the clock strikes midnight (10/10/10), Boadrum10 will take place: ten drummers conducted by The Boredoms!

    The Boredoms began in Osaka in 1986 and have forged their own unique sonic path with a constantly evolving/shape-shifting sound and vision. In 2001 (under the pseudonym Karera Musication), they recorded the soundtrack to Takashi Miike's Ichi The Killer. They've collaborated with Ween, John Zorn and members of Sonic Youth, toured Australia with Regurgitator, played All Tomorrow's Parties at the request of Matt Groening, and have a long back history of associated projects (check out the blistering footage of Eye's old band Hanatarash on youtube). In short: they are one of the most influential and genuinely experimental acts in the world today and are highly recommended for those of you with adventurous ears!

    Check out footage of the first Boadrum performance below...

  • DU RA RA RA !!

    06 Oct 2010

    In case you didn't pick up on the subtle hint (see final paragraph yesterday's news), we will be releasing Durarara!! in 2011.

    Part 1 is out January, parts 2 and 3 out before midyear. This is a great series, with an intricate plot and superb animation. Check out the trailer below...


    05 Oct 2010

    Here we are at the tail-end of 2010 and we still have new releases to get through before Christmas rolls around!

    Our big title for October is our complete series release of Canaan. If you're seeking fast-paced anime with buckets of bullets and a bio-terrorism conspiracy story, this is what you need. The complete 13 episode series over 3 discs collected in a cool slipcase for classy loungeroom display. Suits any decor! Check out the Canaan opening sequence above.

    Season 9 of The Samurai is also due this month. "Puppet Ninja" appears for the first time on Australian shores since the repeat screening in the 70s. Available for pre-order right now. Don't forget that season 10 is also ready for pre-order.

    Our Eigo edition of Blassreiter Part 2 is another new release this month and if you purchased the previous Ichiban edition (that's Japanese with English subtitles), get in touch for a discount code for this here revamped version which contains the all-new English dub! Remember, if you are opposed to online ordering, all of titles are available from retailers right across Australia (with select releases through Gamewizz in New Zealand) and if they haven't got what you're after, ask them to order it in from our fine distributors - Gryphon Entertainment.

    ...and we have a serious anime announcement to make VERY soon! So...WATCH THIS SPACE!


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