22 Mar 2011's been a flat-out couple of weeks here at Siren. The Tatami Galaxy is here and looks superb (thanks to Tristan Ceddia for his great work on that one) and part 2 of Durarara!! is also FINALLY here. We're sorry for the delay, but sometimes these things just need to squeeze those extra days/minutes/seconds in order to get the right result over the line and into your home. I almost did a Shizuo and ripped a signpost out of the ground to smash up the office (see above pic), but we got there in the and calm, Celty style.

Pre-orders have shipped and a few of them with some cool little bits n' pieces from Japan! Gotta love a sweet exclusive, eh? All of the pre-orders will have received a little flyer for a giveaway on our new Facebook page...only for the month of March, too. PLUS...a little DRRR!! wall-scroll. Nothing says "i love you" more than a wall-scroll (except maybe your parents and partners and pets).

Japanese promo posters are also heading out soon. These are BIG, and are guarenteed to make even the dullest bedroom look cool. Remember the blu-tack rule...

Oh - and if you're in the mood for some reading, check out our interview with Takahiro Omori here.

We'll have some big news tomorrow regarding some VERY cool anime we'll be releasing in a few months. One of these is the best series I have seen in years, so I'm damn proud to be working on something I love. Some crafty folk have already worked this out (I'd like to know how THAT happened), so if that's you, or if you think you know BOTH of these titles (ha!), drop us an email and we'll send you out something cool!


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