25 May 2011

    For the month of May Siren Visual is offering all of its friends on Facebook an exclusive collectible noitaminA booklet and DVD sampler for free. Everyone who 'likes' us also goes in the running...


    noitamina booklet cover


    10 May 2011

    Time for an anime rewind (been a while)!

    Last year I dug up some old cinema ads for Australia's first anime festival. Well, I've done a little more grave-robbing and found a Manga catalogue from the same era...the two-episodes-on-a-pricey-VHS era...which wasn't all that long ago (I'm NOT old!).

    Catalogues like these used to trickle out to Australia via local importers and sometimes inside video games magazines (Mean Machines and CVG were my favourites), but with no solid national anime source, they weren't easy to find.

    It's interesting to note the tone of the catalogue - it's solely aimed at young males looking for hard-edged entertainment. And I guess it worked - Manga are still in business today, thoughwith a diversified product range. But before the Pokemon explosion we had this...and this was pretty cool...

    Click the image for more pages!


  • LIONEL ROSE (1948 - 2011)

    09 May 2011

    Sad news from over the weekend - Australian boxing champion Lionel Rose passed away aged 62.

    Rose shot to fame in Australia in 1968 when he beat world boxing champion Masahiko Harada over 15 rounds. He was the first Indigenous Australian to win a bantamweight world title and around 100,000 people lined the streets of Melbourne to greet Rose as he returned from Japan that year. He went on to win 42 of his 53 fights, a record for the bantamweight division.

    Rose was awarded Australian of the Year in 1968 and also received an Order of the British Empire that same year.

    Siren released Eddie Martin's AFI nominated documentary Lionel in 2009 which covered Rose' career and life outside and before the boxing ring.

    He passed away on Saturday aged 62 after a long illness.


    04 May 2011

    Welcome to the NHK is now available on our webstore for pre-order. We're working hard on this one to make sure it's the definitive version both in terms of packaging and content and that means you get the whole damn thing in one hit: the complete hikikimori story over 4 DVD's, tweaked for optimum PAL audio/visual power! Artwork is still to be confirmed, so this isn't exactly how it'll lool...but it's going to be sweet!

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